Senior Adult Survey 2022

On behalf of the Senior Adult Ministry, thank you for participating in this survey.  
The results will help us in developing and planning this important ministry with, by, and for senior adults.
Charles Beckett, Seniors Minister



Marital status

Work status

I currently live:

If you are in your own home does anyone other than your spouse live in your home currently?  
(children, grandchildren, caretaker, sibling?)

How would you describe your current health?

Do you have health limitations that would require accommodation in order to participate in church activities?

Do you drive or have other reliable transportation?

If you do not have access to transportation, could you participate in church activities if transportation is provided?

Are you currently a member of Woodlawn Christian Church?

Below is a list of service opportunities at Woodlawn. Please check each one that you would consider performing.


Below is a list of activities our senior adult members have enjoyed.  
Please check all that would interest you.