Johnson University Policy on Student Grievances

Students have the right to file a formal complaint about unsatisfactory situations. We encourage students to communicate freely with the administration, faculty, and staff before filing a formal complaint. These situations can often be corrected by informal communication to the satisfaction of all parties. We also encourage students to avoid frivolous complaints so that our staff will have more time to devote to serious matters.

If all other forms of redress fail to correct the situation, a currently enrolled student can submit a complaint about policies, procedures, decisions, or conditions at Johnson University by completing a Student Grievance form.

All formal complaints will be read by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and then forwarded to the appropriate department for follow-up. (1) The vice president of the administrative unit most closely connected to the complaint will receive email notification within one week of the complaint. (2) The files and follow-up documents will also be reviewed at least once each semester by a grievance committee composed of a representative from the Office of Student Services or an alternate administrator, two members of the faculty, and one representative from the SGA. (3) The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will keep all records on file.

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